Luke Gignac and Allen Adams Partner for 2016

lukegignacAfter a successful campaign last season, ADAMS Motorsports is going to have a new driver behind the wheel of the No. 99 Modified on the OSCAAR tour. The team announced earlier in the off-season that thunder car veteran Luke Gignac would be behind the wheel.

“I’m eager to get out there and try the new style of car out,” Gignac said. “Just really looking forward to going out and having fun.”

Gignac stated that he and Allen Adams have known each other quite a few years, with Adams having watched Gignac at Barrie Speedway previously.

“He was always eager to kind of lend a hand and if he knew if I needed something and he had it at his shop, he was always the first guy to say that he might have something I need and to give him a call,” Gignac said. “Honestly, we never really knew each other than the racing world. Then last year he helped me out. He made some decals for the car, kind of sponsored me. Darryl (Stephenson) from TSS Top Shops got us together to do the decals because I didn’t know he did that stuff.

“Near the end of the year, when he knew he was needing a driver, he kind of always watched me and thought I handled myself well, and plain out asked me if I’d be interested in driving for him. The way I look at it, more horsepower and a faster car so I’m in. I would drive anything, as far as racing goes. So he wants me to drive something – I’ll give it a shot.”

Gignac has been successful in his career winning multiple features and is a past Thunder Car Champion. While the switch from one car to the other may be something people focus on, Gignac says the biggest challenge actually deals with the competition.

“The bigger challenge is I know the guys that I’ve been running against,” he said. “So I got to get used to the driving styles of everyone – who does what, and how they drive. It’s going to be a learning curve in regards to the guys that I’m running against.”

Something that isn’t new, though, is some of the tracks on the schedule. Gignac has raced at both Peterborough Speedway and Full Throttle Motor Speedway in the past, enjoying both of those ovals.

“I love Peterborough, I love the track and love the way it races,” he said. “I’ve raced it many of times. I’ve raced over at Varney (Full Throttle) and like that track – it’s a shorter track, probably more suited to my driving style.

“But the thought of the speeds that I’m going to hit at Delaware is really something to look forward to.”

He added that it’s hard to pick a single event or track to look forward to, because he’s also looking forward to trying Flamboro Speedway and Sauble Speedway for the first time.

ADAMS Motorsports has proven that they can get the job done as this past season, they had a lot of success with A.J. Emms to a sixth place finish in points, highlighted by a season-best third at Delaware Speedway. Emms will also be returning to tour this season, with his own deal.

Now going into the year, Gignac hasn’t setting any goals in cement, but rather focusing on having a fun year.

“Obviously in any class, you’re always just trying to be as good as you can be and trying to achieve the best possible outcome,” he commented. “You want to try and win races, and obviously being a rookie would be awesome to be running for Rookie of the Year.

“But I think all in all, the best part of the year is with Allen and the team is we want to have fun. As long as we’re having fun and competitive, that’s the main goal.”

If they can put a good season together, Gignac and ADAMS Motorsports could easily be apart of the Race for the Cup format that OSCAAR has.

All the drivers will have 10 races to qualify for the championship battle, with the qualification period ending on August 19 at Delaware Speedway. The top eight drivers whom have competed in 90% of the series events, or the top seven drivers plus the Chase for the Colours winner, will be eligible for the Race for the Cup. Notably, points will be reset equally for the eight drivers prior to each round during the format.

The Race for the Cup will then be four races in length. The lowest driver in points will be eliminated following the August 27 event at Sauble Speedway, and the lowest two remaining drivers will be eliminated in the following races at Full Throttle Motor Speedway on September 10 and Flamboro Speedway on October 2.

The final three drivers will be set for the championship showdown at Peterborough Speedway on October 9, with guaranteed starting spots of fourth, fifth and sixth in the feature; the order they start will be set by heat points. The top finisher of those three will be declared the 2016 OSCAAR Modified Champion.

Gignac is one of the drivers in favor of the format entering the year, stating that it opens it up for multiple guys to have a shot in the closing part of the season. He admitted that he understands some of the comments stating that it could seem unfair if a driver dominates and loses in the final stretch, but feels the excitement level outweighs the concern.

“I kind of like the idea,” he added. “It makes it a little more exciting people to watch because you know these guys will be going head-to-head the last race rather than one guy running away with it all season long.”

ADAMS Motorsports will receive marketing support from Wolseley Canada, Adam’s Home Comfort, OTD Building Supplies, Fox’s Bakery and Deli, TSS Top Shops, Wix Filters, Heritage Heating Contractors, Duckworths Fish and Chips Orillia, and Dwinnel’s Family Movers this upcoming season.

The OSCAAR Modifieds will open their season at Flamboro Speedway on May 21-22, joining the OSCAAR Outlaw Super Lates and the OSCAAR Midgets as part of Flamboro’s big May 24 weekend. The Super Lates will run their feature on the Saturday with the Midgets and Modifieds just qualifying, with both the Midgets and Modifieds running their features on the Sunday.

Be sure to keep up with ADAMS Motorsports by liking their facebook page at and checking out their website at

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